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A LOVE CAMPAIGN to support my new CD, ABOUT TIME!

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

"ABOUT TIME" will be my 8th CD project (!!) and I'm excited to have recorded it in the birthplace of my career - MIAMI! The musical team that joined me in the studio represent some of the finest musicians in the world, some who I've known for close to 15 years.

I'd love and appreciate your support of this campaign to help complete the CD-making process, which includes mixing; mastering; art design; manufacturing; and promo.

In my 20-year full-time career, I've been so fortunate to entertain audiences worldwide and earn three TOP 10 jazz albums in the U.S. and Japan. I pray this album can also reach peoples' hearts internationally.


What is Needed & What You Get

The goal is to raise $20,000 of which most would go toward marketing and promotion. We will complete the 'music making' by mixing the tracks and mastering those tracks in the studio. Then comes the CD design and manufacturing. Then all kinds of promotion...from jazz & smooth jazz/adult urban radio, to general PR, to social media, and online advertising. If we are able to raise more than the our goal, we can expand the promo plan in both time and concentration. (I was once told, the average marketing spend is $2 per person you want to!)

IN RETURN, campaign participants will ALL receive a FREE digital download of the CD and, depending on your level of participation, additional perks like T-shirts; autographed CDs; CD liner note mentions; associate producer credits and EVEN your own 1-hour acoustic house concert! IN ADDITION, I will post photo and video updates of behind-the-scenes activity!

The Impact

Six out of seven of my CDs were self-funded. Though in 2011, my Embraceable CD gained additional support ❤️ through a crowd-funding campaign via ArtistShare. The financial support from that campaign helped pay for promo which helped get that CD to TOP 20 on Jazz Radio and Smooth Jazz Radio Charts! That promo also helped get the single "Waiting in Vain" added to the Sirius XM 'Watercolors' station on which it still plays today! Also recently added to that station's playlist was the April 2021 single release "Feeling Good" which hails from THIS new CD, About Time. We hope this is a good sign of more to come...fingers crossed! When music is heard and well-received, it eventually opens more doors to venues and audiences around the world.

So in short - your support of my music will put wind in my wings and help my music soar into the ears of listeners worldwide. Your support helps GREATLY☺️.

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